Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh How Things Have Changed!

It's been almost exactly a year since my last post. I suppose that shows how good I am at keeping up on things like this.

A year ago I was starting one of the busiest, most rewarding summers of my life. Now I am in Iowa City making my first visit to the rheumatologist at the U of I. My existence is so very different now from what it was back then. Then I was feeling well (most of the time) and learning many new things at my internship. I was in a great place. Now I am fresh off of my one and only semester at Grand View, having been suspended for not earning a high enough grade point average. I am in pain (most of the time), don't know where I am headed next, and most things in my life seem to be up in the air. It's a lot harder to stay optimistic these days.

Not everything in my life at the moment is depressing though. I signed up within the last month to be a Mary Kay consultant (although I haven't done much with it yet) and I have friends and family that love me very much. I guess I just miss those relatively pain free days. My greatest hope at the moment is that the rheumatologist puts me back on Enbrel tomorrow. When I was on that, my pain was much more under control.